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Following my last blog, I have to confess that my identity crisis continues!! I thought after discovering that my name was a pseudonym for Sabrina Jeffries (see previous blog), who is a much more published author, that I would show my other ‘talents’/interests/things I do on a website and that would distinguish me.

Well, guess what? I find there is a Debrah Martin (she obviously doesn’t know how to spell) who is not only an author but also an artist (hey, I wanted that title!) and does a lot of other things as well.

Am I having an existential moment? Can I be true to myself? I have had this name since I was born and nothing, including marriage, has deterred me from using it. So, I guess I will carry on and see what happens. Just, please, don’t confuse me with others using the same name, as I don’t write historical romances and you could be disappointed!

Perhaps we could start a book club with just members called Deborah Martin? British comedian Dave Gorman in his early career started out on a quest to find other Dave Gormans around the world – maybe I could do the same?

If you are named Deborah Martin, please get in touch. Who knows, there might be a book to be written.

P.S. This is not my fingerprint. I just hope it doesn’t belong to a serial killer.

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