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I am excited to publish my first novel

and spread my creative wings a little further.

REEDSY.COM REVIEW:    5 STARS     Must read 🏆​​


"This is a riveting contemporary fiction that draws you in from the first page through the last."




The discovery of letters from a pen pal 50 years ago pushes Elizabeth to review a past which was mostly forgotten.  Against the backdrop of the tumultuous year of social unrest and politics in 1968,  she was a teenager at risk of being in love with someone she had never met.   Her family was in danger from the encroachment of the Vietnam war and its own internal battles.


It’s a quiet farming area of Indiana where nothing seems to happen, but an accident causes a rift through the family, and Elizabeth’s uncle is expunged from its history by the strict Methodist patriarch, Grandpa Ernest.


Now settled in suburban Virginia with her husband and about to become a grandmother,  Elizabeth is helping to clear out the family home after her father’s death.  Looking back, she is taken over by a restlessness to know whether a life with the boy from the letters would have been a better path than the one she took. She yearns to discover what happened to him and to locate another childhood friend.    In her quest to find them,  she catches glimpses of an alternative narrative to that distant summer.

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